Behind the lens

Behind the lens


I’m Gwen. A little about what got me into all this love stuff… I’m half Colombian and half French. My parents have a beautiful love story of how they met in France and neither of them could speak each other’s language. My father swooped my mother off her feet (she says she knew he was the one after dancing Salsa with him). They got married in Paris and immediately left Europe to live in Southern California, where I was born and raised.



That’s what I’m trying to do… find out what your story is and tell that through creative imagery. I’ve been photographing people since my mom got me my first 35mm film camera at 12 years old. I don’t see myself so much as a “wedding photographer,” but more of a photojournalist who loves to materialize people’s stories into timeless photographs. What I want mostly is to capture the spirit of who you are. The way I see it, you don’t want your wedding album to be full of stiff, fake poses that look like any other stock wedding. To me, your real story is much more beautiful. I like to compose intentional frames and then let you interact naturally within that. If you need a little extra direction on where to put your hand, I’ll give you that too. But mostly I want you to play and have fun. I want to give you heart-melting images that speak to your characters in an honest way.


Engagement sessions are extremely important to me and I include them in all of my packages. Not only is it a chance to get more images that tell your story as a couple right now, but also gives you the chance to work with me as a photographer beforehand. I want to shoot you as you! I create a session that matches your personalities and your stories together. I try to get you in your happy place, somewhere that is special and speaks to you as a couple, so that you’re never worried about posing but are just genuinely having a good time. Oh yeah… and if you have a dog, they’re invited too.

Polaroids by Gabriela Manevich =)